17th Sep, 2020: e-TILLING and Tasuke+ multi-genome viewer are now available as a trial.
14th Aug, 2020: Our new paper "Comparative genomics of muskmelon reveals a potential role for retrotransposons in the modification of gene expression" is now published in Communications Biology (DOI: 10.1038/s42003-020-01172-0). Plaese check it out!
3rd Apr, 2020: DB is updated based on the Harukei3 genome reference ver1.41


Melon (Cucumis melo L.) is an economically important crop of Cucurbitaceae family that is widely produced in the world. While melon is an important source of vitamins and minerals for human, it exhibits a wide range of naturally occurring genetic variation including both climacteric (ethylene-producing) and non-climacteric (non ethylene-producing) fruit ripening types. The Japanese muskmelon cultivar 'Earls favorite Harukei-3' is known for its excellent sweetness and rich aroma, and hence used for breeding of expensive (high-grade) muskmelon in Japan. Because of the economic importance in our country, we are using this 'Harukei-3' melon as a standard material for genetic and molecular biological studies. This database 'Melonet-DB' is devloped to enable efficient searching of genomic and gene function information especially in the Harukei-3 genome reference. Tissue-wide gene expression atlas, co-expression dataset, and DNA variant information are also available to support functional genomics research. Details of web application tools are described as follows.

[1] Harukei3 genome viewer
JBrowse viewer for the 'Harukei-3' genome reference ver1.41

[2] Tasuke+ multi-genome viewer   updated
Tasuke+ is a multi-genome viewer designed to visualize resequencing data. As a trial, published dataset of 320 melon accessions has been made available.

[3] Gene expression map viewer
This tool is designed to visually analyze tissue-specific expression pattern of melon genes. Current database is based on 45 RNA-seq samples including ethylene-producing post harvest ripneing fruits (Yano et. al. 2020 Communications Biology 3:432).

[4] Co-expression viewer
This tool is designed to analyze co-expression relationship between genes. Currently, tissue-wide RNA-seq or field-omics leaf RNA-seq co-expression datasets are available.

[5] GO analysis tool
This tool enables GO term enrichment analysis. Enrichment analysis can be performed based on both GO and InterPro ID.

[6] e-TILLING   updated
This tool enables in silico screening of specific accessions or mutants which carry DNA variants (e.g. a.a substituting variants) within a gene of interest. DNA variant dataset is baed on resequencing data.

[7] Sequence analysis tools
These tools are designed to analyze DNA sequence. Blast or "oligo DNA mapper" identify homologous genes or genomic positions, respectively, based on query sequence. "Primer finder" finds the best possible unique PCR primer pair based on target query sequence.

[8] Gene ID search
Gene ID search program has been updated to explore genes on newly assembled 'Harukei-3' genome reference ver1.41. Consensus gene ID is visible when 1-to-1 ortholog relationship is found in genes between two genome references, 'Harukei-3' and DHL92 (the 1st published melon genome).

Administrator : Ryoichi Yano [National Agriculture and Food Research Organization / University of Tsukuba]