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[Data release policy]
This pre-publication melon Harukei-3 genome data (version 1.41) is made available with the understanding that users will respect the rights of those who contributed to this effort to describe the melon Harukei-3 genome in a peer-reviewed publication. By accessing these data, users agree not to publish any articles containing analyses of genes or genomic data on a whole genome or chromosome scale prior to publication of the genome by us. The restricted analyses include the identification of complete sets of genomic features such as genes, gene families, regulatory elements, repeat structures, and whole-genome comparisons of regions of evolutionary conservation or change.

Harukei-3 genome assemly and annotation
  ver1.41 genome assembly   (fasta)   [donwload]   
  ver1.41 genome annotation   (GFF3)   [consensus ID]   [original ID]   
  ver1.41 transcript sequences   (fasta)   [consensus ID]   [original ID]   
  ver1.41 coding sequences   (fasta)   [consensus ID]   [original ID]   
  ver1.41 protein sequences   (fasta)   [consensus ID]   [original ID]   

Genome sequencing data
  [Genome sequencing data of Harukei-3 melon]   (NCBI Bioproject accession No. PRJNA603155)   [LINK]
  (e.g. Oxford nanopore R9.4.1/R10, Pacbio RSII, Illumina Hiseq-2000, Illumina mate pair)
  [Illumina resequencing data of five melon accessions]   (NCBI Bioproject accession No. PRJNA603162)   [LINK]
  (e.g. Honey Dew, Spicy, Ougon-9, JSS-6)

Oxford nanopore RNA-seq data
  [Nanopore direct RNA-seq in muskmelon Harukei-3]   (NCBI Bioproject accession No. PRJNA603129)   [LINK]
  [Nanopore RNA-seq in melon leaves]   (NCBI Bioproject accession No. PRJNA603146)   [LINK]

Illumina RNA-seq data
  [Hiseq-2500 paired-end RNA-seq in 30 'Harukei-3' melon tissues or developmental stages]   (DDBJ accession No. DRA006228)   [LINK]
  (e.g. callus, expanded leaves, young leaves, root, tendril, stems, flower, fruit)
  [Hiseq-2500/X paired-end RNA-seq in 15 'Harukei-3' melon tissues or developmental stages]   (NCBI Bioproject accession No. PRJNA603204)   [LINK]
  (additional tissue-wide RNA-seq dataset such as germinating seeds, seedlings, ripened fruits)
  [Hiseq-X paired-end leaf RNA-seq in Harukei-3 melon from July to November 2018, 75 samples]   (NCBI Bioproject accession No. PRJNA603202)   [LINK]

Software and Pipeline
  [ONT4genepredict]   (perl scripts)   [download]
  (This pipeline predicts protein-coding genes based on nanopore RNA-seq rawdata and generates GFF3 file.)